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About Us

Cazorb Career Solutions is a career development company based out of India. Our mission is to build a virtual platform that would socially and economically benefit all stake holders including students, education institutes and companies.


  • by providing them valuable insights to drive their career decisions.
  • by providing them a hub for services that would serve their career development needs.                                                   

Education Institutes

  • by making their pedagogy, faculty, student experiences attract passionate applications.
  • by enabling them to attract a more appealing pool of on-campus recruiters.


  • by providing them an edge over their competition in engaging with and attracting top talent.
  • by optimizing the on-campus placement process.
AboutCazorb Copy

We focus on creating experiences for students that provoke thought and action to actively develop their careers. We believe that this is also in the best interest of our clients, typically institutes of higher education, niche companies, start-ups and SMEs.

While our engaging, interactive webinars are highly popular amongst students, we are also steadily building a ‘Webinar blog’ that students can refer to at different points of their careers.